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The backstory

The electronic music focused chat show, hosted by Will Best, is shot on location in some of the world’s most exotic party hotspots.

From its spiritual home in Ibiza, to Bali, Singapore and Miami, Uncut takes its energy from the dance music scene it came from but adds personality, excitement, and an infectious sense of fun all of its own


Uncut is a style and tone

It's about ditching the script and embracing a little anarchy.

It's about having the sorts of conversations people actually want to hear.

It's about showing its guests at their most comfortable, in a light they haven't been seen before. 


 It’s about throwing light on the underground scenes that are really influencing music culture and taking the world by storm.

It’s about creating a genuine party atmosphere with drinks on set and an audience who are as engaged as the artists. It’s about high production values without losing any sense of authenticity.


After 4 million+ views so far, it’s time to take Uncut to the next level.

We want to explore new locations, new music scenes, draw from wider culture, and apply the show’s values, strengths and successes to something even bigger.

The formula is there.

Now we just can't wait to get started.


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