How Can We Help You?

With a focus on immersive storytelling in short memorable formats, we adopt an approach that relies on richer production value and highly emotional content that makes us want to experience it with others.

We offer everything from:

  • Original shows

  • Behind-the-scenes documentaries

  • Access pieces

  • Iconic music video productions

  • Live performance & event highlights

  • Promotional video content for brands, artists & events

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Original Show Formats

For brands, labels, events and publishers, creating an original content series is a perfect way to engage and grow your target audience.



Event Reportage

Stand out from the crowd with a multi-platform video strategy.

ShadowVision can help tell your story across social media with a video campaign including:  Event trailers, artist interviews, highlight footage, music videos to after-movies and so much more.



Music Videos

Ranging from music visuals made of stock footage through to original music videos.