The IMS is a 3-day electronic dance music (EDM) conference that takes place in Ibiza. It is described by founder Pete Tong as "an intense networking environment with the glamour and glitz of my favourite party island of Ibiza, but with a Back to Business ethos and leading into the official Ibiza opening party weekend"

Our brief was to improve the quality of the conference's video output and flip the content online as soon as physically possible. We achieved the following:

  • Successfully launched #IMSMoments - a popular new Instagram format featuring short stories and quotes from conference speakers. Some of these moments were releases in just a few hours after the panel had taken place.
  • 30 videos online within 2 weeks of the event.
  • Moments were formatted to take full advantage over Instagram's new minute long format.


IMS Closing Party Finale at Dalt Villa Heritage Site, Ibiza


IMS Moments Playlist


IMS Talks and Panels Playlist