Billboard Presents: The Real Ibiza

An original new documentary series that we created and shot for Billboard Magazine. 5 episodes were produced, signed off and online within 14 days. 

Ibiza holds a unique place in global culture. Party island, hedonists paradise, spiritualists retreat, playground of the super rich; there's nowhere else that holds quite the same allure to quite so many people. But this is an island in flux, constantly having to adapt to the pressure it's own reputation brings - with more money, more people and more commercial music flooding in, can it retain its identity, and hold onto the magic that makes it so special? 

The Real Ibiza explores what makes the island tick, and what its future holds, through the eyes of the people who live it and breath it; the people who call it home, the promoters who throw the most notorious parties, and the DJ's, both underground and commercial, who provide the soundtrack. 

Meet the characters and soak up the scenery, then make your own mind up on whether you'll be booking your ticket to the White Isle this summer. Or, quite possibly, whether you'll be cancelling your ticket home…


Episode 1 - The Residents included Alex Richardson and Rachel Montague.

Episode 2 - Underground Artists including Claude Von Stroke, Robert James & more.


Episode 3 - Mainstream artists including Martin Garrix & Hardwell

Episode 4 - Inside El Row with the Juan Arnau


Episode 5 - Ushuaia Unveiled with Yann Pisseman